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Behind the Scenes: 22 Blackwell Catalog Photo Shoot

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Story by Lyndsay Camins

Photo credits: Susie Talman Photography

When people think about a photo shoot, they imagine a lights-camera-action scenario where timeless snapshots are accomplished effortlessly. Most picture a scene of artists moving with an almost romantic, ethereal flow, capturing beautiful images on the fly. But most photo shoots don’t involve unstructured creativity. And while the best photo shoots can seem effortless at times, this ease can only be attributed to the pre-planning and organization going on behind-the-scenes.

A recent photo shoot showcasing a blossoming new company, 22 Blackwell, exemplifies this actuality to a tee. And veteran industry producer Amy Davis can school you as to why. Planning the perfect photo shoot can be a proverbial black hole wherein the risk can unapologetically devour the reward. Without proper calculation of costs, set-up, staffing and more, the planning of such magical events can render itself as anything but actual magic. But with the efforts of Ms. Davis and her production team, the understanding that a seamless execution can be achieved becomes clear. On this particular photo shoot featuring the company’s founder, Luke Talman, Amy developed a plan. Her mission? To bring this burgeoning artist’s story to life, with his vision at the forefront of every step. In the process, she taught him how to master this important business model for himself for future endeavors.

Photo credits: Susie Talman Photography

Davis brings her incomparable resume of experience to her field as evidenced by her dynamic portfolio which features everything from the most colorful and creative projects to the most straightforward and clear cut. Her ability to read her clients and deliver a better-than-desired product displays a mastery of skill unparalleled in the business. She is a leader, an educator, and an authority when it comes to the craft of production. From balancing budgets and securing permits to drawing up mood boards and hand-picking talent, she is the consummate producer, carefully balancing the strings of logistics and artistry. Davis is committed not only to the success of the project, but also the success of each and every business she works with. And her infallible ability to do just that is a testament to her status as a trailblazer in the industry.

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