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Amy Davis is a creative content producer for many types of industries, including entertainment, fashion, business, and more. Combining her skills as a fashion stylist with her strategic business mindset, she and her team assist brands, people, and companies in tackling content creation from start to finish. She creates content that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but she also ensures that it aligns with the brand’s voice, target audience, and the project goals. Above all, Ms. Davis consistently strives to exceed her client’s expectations


Chanel & Gucci


Amy’s signature style aesthetic is funky and eclectic yet sophisticated and elegant at the same time. With an eye on current fashion trends and a love for iconic vintage style. Amy blends today’s fashion with items from the past into cutting-edge, contemporary fashion stories. 


Amy's style inspirations are often found unexpectedly. While some are known cultural icons, it’s often a forgotten women of style. She is currently obsessed with Renée Perle who moved to Paris and became a model for the couturier, Doeuillet. In 1930, she met the French photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue while strolling in a Parisian street. “Renée Perle was also incredibly avant-garde in her fashion taste. She wore modern boyfriend t-shirts and tanks with loose crisp high waisted trousers along armfuls of bangles. She has an enviable sense of style that deserves further exploration.”

The Mood Board
“When I'm developing an idea for an upcoming fashion editorial, I do a lot of research, then gather my thoughts visually with mood boards. So many creatives are visual people. The mood board is a perfect way to anchor the ideas and assist with planning the overall visual approach with all of the team members.” 

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