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Elevate Your Closet: De-Clutter, Digitize, & Donate

If you're like me, spending a great deal of time at home can spark a desire to organize your wardrobe and closet.

There are tons of benefits to de-cluttering and organizing —

  • Get Energized—Making quick decisions about what stays and what goes brings out the competent, decision-making side of you that gets things done!

  • Reduce Anxiety—Cleaning can help you reduce anxiety.

  • Fall Back in Love with Your Clothes—You’ll find new life in pieces that have been tucked away for too long. You may even find that item you thought you lost!

  • Find New Inspiration—Once you've made space both physically and mentally, you'll find new inspiration and create space for the things you'll actually wear!

That said, tackling a messy closet can also be a welcome distraction for some right now. We recommend tackling this in three steps: De-Clutter, Digitize, and Donate.


The first step to organizing your wardrobe and closet is to decide what items are staying and what items are going. I put together an in-depth checklist to help make sure you cover all of the essential items. Grab your free copy here. Take things one step and one section at a time and before you know it, your closet will be de-cluttered!


Once you’ve decided what pieces are staying — it’s time to get those items organized! One of my favorite apps is StyleBook (just $3.99 on the App Store). The app allows you to take pictures of your clothes and then label them with the brand, color, style, season, and more. Once your wardrobe is digitized, the app then suggests outfits for you based on what types of pieces you want to wear, what season we’re in, or just something you haven’t worn in awhile. It even allows you to enter the price of each item and it will tell you how much use you’re really getting out of each piece. It’s time-consuming to digitize your wardrobe but so worth it!


There are so many places that accept clothes you’re no longer wearing. Whether you decide to go the consignment route or just want to straight up donate them, the clothes you don’t wear can go to help so many other people. It’s a feel-good experience knowing they’re not just sitting in your closet un-worn anymore.

Above all, take care of yourselves and your loved ones during this time.

We're all in this together.


Amy Davis

The Establishmint

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